I’ve been losing hours every zone I head east, and then I got my whole day back when I crossed the international date line somewhere over the Pacific, departing Auckland on the 29th and arriving into Tahiti on the 28th…AKL was really helpful in getting me ready for manyana time in the South Pacific:

Here is a shot from Papeete, Tahiti airport (PPT). I am always amazed at how people travel thousands of miles to tropical destinations and are scared to get wet. On one of my dives in Bora Bora, we were on the boat, and it started to sprinkle. Couples started huddling together under the mediocre banopy. I couldn’t help it. I dryly laughed, “Good thing we didn’t come here today to get wet.” I mean, we were about to jump into the ocean…in our wetsuits.

January 13, 2012 2 Comments Dear Mom


  1. Tod January 14, 2012

    At least I laughed !!!!

    Stay safe. All my love, sweetheart !

    • TJH January 29, 2012

      My one question…. ‘Were you in a $11.00 garbage bag poncho while documenting everyone else in their $11.00 garbage bag ponchos?”

      The stories have all been ‘keepers’, the pictures have all been beautiful (or as beautiful as ponchos can be) and the writing continues to be second to none. Thank you for sharing all of them!

      Safe travels… And, keep the hits comin’


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