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Hi I’m Leigh Taylor, the author of The Old Sole. This travel and life log chronicles the adventures and experiences that leave me wistful, thoughtful or just amazed and serves as an outlet to record my encounters with my favorite things: history, hotels, new people and old stuff.

I purposefully live behind the times outside of work, so my lifelong travel accounts have historically been housed in leather-bound journals. After deciding to embark on a longer journey after my two years in real estate investment banking, I launched this site in tandem with my last trades on Wall Street: my pumps for a pack, my blackberry for a compass and my small cube for a big sphere.

My years in finance were their own adventure especially given the current climate, and although I think it took a couple of years off my life, I don’t have any regrets (and who knows, I may be back…never say never). For me, the next step just became something else – it became several steps. I’ve never been a very good procrastinator. I just get too excited. Why should my bucket list be different?

Born and raised by the Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Gulf Coast, I was reared on a healthy combination of southern and sailor, sunshine and hurricanes, sugar and spice, hard work and fun, tradition and adventure. These dichotomies are just a few that helped to manifest my desire to connect to the past while seeking new experiences; and my old soul, insatiable curiosity and itchy feet are the inspirations for this site. I’ve found that time travel is really as easy as stumbling on those people, places and things that elicit feelings of adventure, nostalgia or romance and leave a whisper of a memory you didn’t know you had. Everything changes, and nothing does.

My first RTW journey coincidentally begins on Columbus Day 2011 with my good friend Heather who is as daring as the Snake River that raised her and twice as kind. I do hope you will follow along. If you want to discuss my content, share an experience, ask a question or tell me that you’ve figured out how to choose between Indiana Jones and Mr. Darcy, please drop me a line to the right. Since I prefer teatime to tweet time, I am getting some help to incorporate social media connections to make it easier for everyone regardless of how old school or new age you may be. Please be patient and stay in touch!

Live a little,


Dedication: I will frequently dedicate entries to those who either inspired them or who came to mind during composition. My About Me is dedicated to my mother, without whom there would be no ‘me’ and without whose encouragement and support there would be no ‘about’ to speak of. Thank you for giving me my wings, letting me use them and always leaving the light on to show me the way home.

Ascription: The pictures included in the About Me were taken by a promising young photographer Miss Sydney Taylor. They were a fun way for us to express The Old Sole’s balance of looking back, moving forward and not taking yourself too seriously. Please contact me if you would like to see more of her work